Desirable Men and Women Do Not Get Abused

One fat feminist on Jezebel who goes by the moniker RawrIhavePi wrote:

I made a sport out of those creep messages back when I tried out OKC. I didn’t get that many messages simply because I was ‘full-figured’ – aka fat by most standards, so I mostly got chubby chasers and men specifically seeking girls with low self-esteem as easy lays.

Undesirable men and women get taken advantage of because nobody is interested in them. Women pretend to flirt with them only to get them to do something or to spend money, then play dumb that they never meant to lead the betas into believing that something could ever happen. Men too do not want to invest time or money into someone they aren’t really interested in long-term. “Put out or get out” is not a phrase one flings at a hot girl because they are worth investing in even if they don’t jump into your bed right away. But an ugly woman that you are having sex with only to increase your total score so you could claim a higher number of sex partners than your friends will get just this kind of attention.

There’s quality, then there’s quantity. A hot girl is quality. You don’t need to bang 5 women this month to get your friends’ respect if you have one beautiful girlfriend. But a guy who stumbles upon an unattractive woman doesn’t want his friends to think that he decided to settle up with the first female that said yes to him out of her own desperation. An ugly woman is quantity. She’s a number. You don’t show her off to your friends, you brag about the number of women you had sex with and she’s one of those numbers. For a man with options who is not desperate, she’s not worth sticking around for, she needs to put out immediately or leave your life so that you can either find a hot girlfriend or bang a bunch of quantity.

Feminists hate men because men treat them badly. They don’t want to spend time or money on them, they pay them no attention, they use them and then don’t even remember their names. At times, guys even play cruel jokes on them, jokes nobody would play on someone they attracted to.

Beautiful women don’t have to deal with this. Men treat them like valuable, breakable luxury. Their problem isn’t random guys demanding immediate sex, it’s that men are too afraid to approach them. They don’t have to worry about cruel jokes, instead their concern is that a man is afraid to be rough or at least dominant with them. Yes, pretty women have problems with men, but they are the opposite of the problems fat, ugly feminists have.

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