Feminists Are Mad That Alpha Males Don’t Want to Kiss Them

The iconic picture of a sailor kissing a young woman is sexual assault, claim feminists who want the statute depicting this removed. Take a look at this picture:


Consent to anything, sexual or otherwise, does not need to be verbal or in writing. It can be judged based on a person’s actions. You sit down at a friend’s table and he puts candy on the table. You don’t ask permission and take a candy. Your friend doesn’t object and continues to be very friendly to you. Is that theft? Should you be arrested? Of course not! Consent is based on the person’s actions.

Look at the woman in this picture. If she doesn’t want to be kissed, no woman in history has ever wanted to be kissed. Her right leg is curling up where you can tell that her whole body is quivering from the pleasure she’s getting. She’s relaxed, her arms are dropped down, she bends down into a position where a kiss can actually happen. Her whole body is so into it that her mind can no longer think about anything other than being in that moment.

Instead, the feminists say “The sailor could have laughed with these women, hugged them, asked them if he could kiss them with joy… No, he chose to grab them with a firm hand to kiss them. It was an assault.” Because women just love sheepish men who tell them knock-knock jokes and are afraid to make the move and need verbal permission to act like a man. Had he asked, no woman would’ve agreed because she would’ve been disgusted by his cowardice. No woman’s leg has ever curled up like that when she’s kissing after being asked for permission.

And what’s worse, they are attacking the guy for grabbing the girl with his “firm hand.” Are you kidding me?! Who are they talking to, people who’ve never met a woman? The idea that women don’t want to be grabbed with a firm hand can only be fed to a lonely teenage boy. Any man who’s been with a woman knows that this is the only way a woman wants to be touched and finds a scared man who’s afraid of her to be sexually repulsive.

The feminists are women too. They know this full well. They want a man to grab them with a firm hand, to do it spontaneously, to be overcome by their beauty, to care about nothing else in his world except the pleasure of her lips on his. But feminists are ugly. Ugly and fat. Too lazy to lose weight, take care of their hair and otherwise maintain themselves on a long-term basis, when these women were young, they thought they could pull on a tight mini-skirt and put a slab of makeup on their fat-deformed face and suddenly become attractive. But faced with mockery in response, they eventually chose to give up and yell at men, claiming their beauty standards and sexual desires are illegitimate.

They pretend that not taking care of themselves, not wearing makes, not taking care of their hair, not wearing nice clothes is an act of political defiance. It isn’t. It is a response to men rejecting them. And part of this is to claim that they never wanted to be kissed in the first place. Think about it: how would you act if you were the fat, ugly girl standing next to the beautiful girl kissed by a hot Alpha Male? You’d claim that you didn’t want to be kissed anyway. You’d claim that the Alpha Male is an asshole that you would never want. You’d claim that what you really want is the only thing you can get, a nice Beta herb who will ask your permission to kiss you… or to breath. An indecisive, scared little boy that everyone takes advantage of; so scared of everyone including his woman that he’s afraid to take any step without making sure nobody will punish him for it.

But they do want to be kissed by the Alpha Male. When they close their eyes in bed at night, they see an image of themselves being grabbed by his firm hand and kissed in a way no Beta ever could. Then they wake up and realize that their fantasy will never come true. And so they demand that we take down this monument because it only serves as a reminder to them of their lack of desirability.

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