Ugly Women Pretending They Don’t Want Male Attention

In the previous post on the “objectification of women,” we wrote:

Finding someone attractive is humanizing them. Finding someone unacceptable for sex is objectifying them as objects that are only good if they are useful to you. But the truth hurts too much for the ugly feminists, so they attack men for being attracted to women. Their problem, of course, isn’t that men are attracted to women, but rather that men are attracted to other women, objectifying the feminists as unworthy anymore attention than a coffee maker or a football.

That is what the feminist assault on reason stems from: to admit the truth hurts too much, so ugly women pretend that life is better for them than for those who are beautiful, inventing fake problems that pretty women have. The terrible thing about being a woman is that men want them, say feminists, as they pretend to be outraged about how bad life must be as an attractive female. Pretty girls turn on men and this is obviously a horrible problem. These women put up pretty pictures in their dating profiles and men want them. The horror, yells Jezebel.

As proof, they cite that a man who pretended to be a woman did not enjoy sexual comments directed his way. That’s breaking news, isn’t it? A straight man does not enjoy advances from other men. Who’d have thunk?!

Of course he didn’t like these sexual comments. He’s straight. He likes women. He doesn’t want someone with facial hair who weighs 200 pounds to hit on him. If he did, he’d be gay… or he’d date a feminist. To a feminist who assumes that men and women are the same, that gender is just a social construct, it may make sense that a man reacts the same way a woman would, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. A woman expects you to flirt with her in situations where it is appropriate (dating sites, bars, singles events and in some situations regular gatherings if it looks like the two of you might have some chemistry) or else she’ll “friend zone” you and regard you as a scared loser, while wondering to her friends if you are gay. In fact, even if a woman isn’t attracted to him, a man who is confident enough to express his interest and go for what he wants suddenly becomes attractive to a woman.

Women enjoy the conversation turning flirty and sexual as much as men do. A lie perpetuated by the beta males is that women don’t want sex and are outraged by the mere mention of it. But women don’t want to talk about sex only with men they find unattractive (the beta males), just as men do not enjoy sexualizing a conversation with women they are uninterested in (the feminists). The one difference is that women expect men to take the lead and know how to do it. This is true for dancing, kissing, anything really. A man is supposed know how to do it. When a man turns a conversation sexual and does it in a way that shows his lack of understanding of how a woman thinks, what she finds tantalizing by playing a little game and what she finds repulsive, the woman is displeased. A man will give a woman credit for flirting even if she does so incompetently. A woman will simply walk away from an incompetent man.

But her experience in dealing with a man who doesn’t know how to flirt and turn the conversation into a grotesque form is not the same as a straight man’s reaction to advances from another man. A male finds homosexual advances repulsive. A woman finds an incompetent heterosexual advance to be an annoyance, but even an incompetent attempt to flirt will result in her having more respect for the guy than him being a scared little woose.

And yes, some men, usually young and/or inexperienced guys, do take things too far too quickly or in the wrong direction. But dealing with a weirdo is a small price to pay for receiving the attention of attractive, built, successful, confident Alpha Males that no feminist could ever get.

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