What Modern Feminism Is All About

Feminists present themselves as yet another aggrieved group. They are underpaid, unappreciated, helpless victims of vicious men who want to promote rape and domestic violence. Impossible standards of beauty are thrown at them, standards so high no woman can possible achieve them. Life is just one big horrible struggle.

The truth is that life really is a horrible struggle for some women. The ugly ones. It’s just as horrible as the struggle of undesirable men. Life is awful being ugly. Your romantic emotions are never answered and are privately mocked. When you dress up, rather than the reaction you want to see, you get disgusted looks from people confused why you would wear something tight or short. The opposite sex drops you to run to someone else in the middle of the conversation, leaving you with the knowledge that the “progress” you thought you were making was just the other person chatting with you because they find you non-sexual and therefore not sexually threatening.

You are the person the other gender feels free to fart in front of. They play jokes on you. They take advantage of you. They make you spend time and money with hints of sexual desire for you, only to later play dumb that they never meant to lead you to believe anything can happen. They behave in a way that displays their complete disregard for you as a human being… and worst of all, they don’t think they are being disrespectful, they say that they are having fun, but in their hearts, ugly people know that what the rest of the world means is, “you don’t really deserve my respect.”

On occasion, an ugly person does get someone, but it’s never someone they want. Look around: fat women date submissive men. Being fat is the ugliest quality a woman can have, while being submissive is the most unappealing trait for a man. The two do not match up due to any love for each other, but out of the lack of options. They go overboard with public displays of affection, but the slightest problem, the smallest fight and their true thoughts are inevitably revealed: utter disgust with each other, no different than the way the rest of the world is disgusted by them.

Long stretches of being unable to get someone, followed by relationships with highly undesirable people, make them mad. Unattractive guys start whining. “Bitches only want assholes with tons of money and expensive cars.” Except we all know that this is not true for the vast majority of women, it’s low-status males trying to make themselves feel better by claiming that most men would be unattractive to women, and whatever women find appealing is illegitimate.

That’s exactly what feminism has devolved into. Review any feminist blog from Jezebel down to a screed by a college girl. The one complain that is repeated more often than anything else is the unfairness of beauty standards. But a person’s beauty is not judged based on some unattainable concept. Instead, we are all “graded on a curve.” If most of the women in the world looked like Rosie O’Donnell, the woman regarded today as average would be seen as an incredibly beauty, and if the majority of the women looked like Kate Upton, the average woman would be completely unwanted. The same is true for men, of course.

But what if you are in the bottom 2% of the population? Even the bottom 20%? It would simply hurt too much to admit the truth to yourself, and too embarrassing to say it out loud to someone else. So instead, it’s just easier to delegitimize the other gender’s desires. It’s just easier to say that the standard is unfair and unattainable. These men whine in private. Ugly women have turned their whining into a political ideology. And since men and women are judged differently seeing as we have different bodies, hormones and chromosomes, the feminists have a never-ending list of “concerns” and “double standards” as to why a given standard applies to women by not to men, forgetting that there are plenty of standards that apply to men, but not women.

But as you peel off their covering, it’s impossible not to see the truth: feminists are just unattractive women whining that boys don’t like them, and angry at the women who are desired by men.

This blog will explore this topic by looking at concrete examples of this in modern feminist philosophy.

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