Should Average Men Be Professional Athletes?

Should average men be professional athletes? After all, every boy growing up wanted to be an athlete of some kind, whether a basketball player or a race car driver or a fighter. Then we grew up and realized that we aren’t good enough. This realization meant disappointment for us. Does that mean that professional sports should be made up of overweight, weak, short men? That would make us feel better, wouldn’t it? Knowing that we are superior athletes to the pros? On first thought it would, but of course, it really wouldn’t because we’d quickly realize under that system, being a pro athlete was nothing to be proud of; it would be just a bunch of disgusting men making fools of themselves.

This is the same logic as that of the feminists who are demanding that “average-sized” women become models and Miss America contestants.

Feminists were once little girls. While boys dreamed about scoring the buzzer-beating 3-pointer, girls dreamed of being pretty women. It is not culture that makes women want to be sexually-desirable, it is nature. Men too want to be sexually desirable, but the standards for men are different: height more important than weight, success (ability to provide) more important than looks, etc.

The little future feminists looked around and began to size themselves up against the prettiest women around, just as boys compared themselves to the best athletes. While almost all realized that they are not the best of the best, some knew that they were prettier than other girls in school and boys were willing to drop everything to do them a favor just for the honor of spending a few minutes with them. Other girls couldn’t get the attention of boys, who played pranks on them instead of doing them favors.

Some cried. Others demanded that boys treat them as if they are pretty. But while people can be intimidated in a public setting,they cannot in private when they are watching TV. So as the little ugly girls grew up and became feminists, they began to demand that we put average looking women on TV. But by average, they mean someone as ugly as them so that others’ beauty won’t make them feel bad.

The LA Times and then Jezebel wrote about the latest Miss USA contest. The first sentence on Jezebel immediately claimed that it was “utterly meaningless,” though that had nothing to do with the rest of the article. Why is it utterly meaningless? Sure, it doesn’t cure cancer, but a celebration of beauty is not meaningless. Ugly feminists may want it to be that way, but it is not. It was important to say that the contest is “utterly meaningless” because they want to say that their ugliness and other women’s beauty means nothing, but lying, no matter how often. doesn’t make something true.

Jezebel then raged that Miss Indiana was size 4. Apparently, pretending that a woman who has no waist line and only a minor amount of fat on her gut is the prettiest woman in Indiana was not lying enough to subdue the Rage of the Ugly. We should pretend that beauty symbols are 39 years old, size 14, have a 37.5 inch waist, are 166.2 pounds at only 5-foot-3. Such a beauty queen’s BMI would have to be 33, making her extremely fat: anything over 30 is obese.

But what if we did parade short, fat, middle-aged women on a stage once a year? Ugly women would still feel ugly because these contestants would cease being symbols of beauty. Men would ogle other women as they looked for form that they find appealing, and feminists would demand that we close our eyes to the sight an appealing lady. And Miss USA contests would turn into a sad show where men would snicker as they looked at body shapes that provoke only one reaction: erectile dysfunction or more accurately, erectile discrimination.

And consider this: at a time when wars rage all over the world, when both our and global economy has been in the dumpster for a half a dozen years, what an LA Times female journalist decided to cover is the shortage of ugly, obese women presented to us as the greatest beauties of our generation. Why? Is it because beauty is utterly meaningless? No, it’s because ugly women desperately want to be pretty. Who cares about other continents if no normal man wants you and even Beta losers can’t get an erection when you take off your clothes?! Utterly meaningless? Their concern betrays that they really think that it’s not.

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