Fat Women: No Place For The Attractive Anywhere

The Huffington Post has always been known for repeating liberal slogans without doing much thinking. It’s amazing how liberals will read the same crap over and over again, never an original thought, just a different person saying the same thing, and nobody notices it. I am not talking about writing on the same topic, which is ok. I’m talking about literally saying the same thing every day and not realizing it.

A recent Huffington Post article repeated the assault on female attractiveness using the typical liberal slogans. The most recent target are the Brandy Melville stores that cater to the non-overweight girls. “Who is the Brandy Melville girl? One look at the brand’s website and Instagram account reveals her: young, white, skinny and long-legged.” Oh the horror! They are pretty and they are white. How can HuffPo not wage a Jihad against a store catering to them.

Rachel Simmons, co-founder of the Girls Leadership Institute, a national nonprofit group, said Brandy Melville puts teen girls through the “paces of the popularity jungle,” recreating the challenge of having to be the best and coolest in school…

“They’re getting a really toxic message of what makes them worthy,” she said. “All that matters is your body type.”

Those who fail never want any competition. An unsuccessful man doesn’t want to be judged on his accomplishments, and an ugly woman doesn’t want to be judged on her looks. But no matter how much you stump your feet and tell everyone to stop, every living being judges all those around them based on the pecking order. Even the expression “pecking order” comes from the hierarchy among chickens who used standards applicable to them to determine who’s best and who’s worst. Humans have different standards from chickens, bears or dolphins, but we have the same natural, biological drive to rank all those around us, and to try to achieve the highest rank we can.

Feminist beliefs aside, girls are not idiots who are being lied to by the media what’s attractive and what’s not while they are empty vessels that don’t understand anything. They know what men like, and men like what they are biologically programmed to like. This is why women and girls try to make themselves attractive to men and boys, and the reverse.

There are plenty of stores for the fat. Big and Tall. Plus Sized stores. Why can’t there be one store for girls who are size 0 or size 2. Do they not deserve “safe space” for themselves? Why can’t they walk into a store and know that everything on the shelf fits them and they don’t need to go through parachute-like size-16 dresses to find something that suits them?

Why? Because size 2 is more appealing than size 16? Because girls want to be size 2, but not size 16? Because guys want to be with girls who are size 2 and not size 16? That’s right! Feminists are mad that there is a store for the thin precisely because they are pretty, while “plus sized stores” are meant for those as ugly as them.

Feminist Body Type

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