What’s Wrong With The Positive Body Image

What’s wrong with having a “positive body image”? The same thing that’s wrong with any lie: it’s false. It brainwashes slightly overweight young girls to keep on gaining weight thinking someone will find them attractive and they will be able to get a good husband after they put on another 100 pounds. They won’t. Either they will be alone or they will get a loser husband that no other woman wants, a guy that they themselves will be repulsed by.

Encouraging girls to make themselves attractive by controlling their weight isn’t abusive. Confusing them into thinking that they can be obese and still get a man they desire is the true form of abuse. What else can be more abusive than sentencing someone to a lifelong choice of being alone or having someone repulsive shove his tongue and penis inside your mouth and vagina? Men are visual. Men will not care how powerful, confident or interesting you are. Nobody wants to fuck Nancy Pelosi despite all her power, confidence and probably interesting stories. And yet, CEO after CEO, millionaire after millionaire goes after beautiful, thin young women. Men who have choices will choose beauty before anything else. Other qualities are important, but a man with choices will not even approach an unattractive woman to find out what her other qualities are.

Undesirable men who don’t have options may cling to the idea that personality beats looks, but that is only because they don’t have the option to go for looks. Granted, desirable men can have their cake and eat it too: beautiful women who are also smart, interesting, loyal. But given a choice between sharing your bed with a beautiful dummy or Nancy Pelosi, no man would choose Ms. Pelosi.

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