Despite Denials, Feminists Desperately Want To Be Sexy

We’ve maintained here from the start that modern feminism is nothing more than ugly women desperately trying to get the society to force men to be attracted to them. They assault “beauty standards” and complain why looks should not matter. But do they really want looks not to matter? No, they want do not, they just want their own looks to be attractive.

Consider Lena Dunham, Hollywood’s premier feminist. She’s fat and ugly, so she runs with the standard feminist narrative. And yet, she just bought sexy underwear and posted a picture of herself in what she perceives as a sexy pose. Feminists complain that male sexuality is based in power, but in women, such power is seen as a negative. But is she posing as a “strong, confident woman”? No, she crosses her legs, sticks out her hips and has a “come here” look in her face.

A similar pose by an attractive woman would provoke feminist outrage … because it would be attractive. Lena Dunham still looks like a piece of lard, so her near-nudity is “inspiring” and “body positive.” Next to her is a woman who’s actually attractive wearing the same bra and panties. The picture on the left gives you an immediate erection. The picture on the right immediately kills it.

But while the world may immediately perceive it that way,  it’s clearly not what Dunham intends. She wants to be pretty. She wants to be sexy. She’ll post pictures of herself in lacy underwear for the whole world to see just to get this feedback. All the success in the world, all the money she’s made, all her fame, all her talent, all her political influence… and none of it means anything because the first (conscious or unconscious) goal of any living being is to reproduce for if this drive didn’t exist and dominate over all else, that specie would disappear, and that means the opposite gender must find you sexy. Money, fame, talent and politics is all cultural. Sexiness is biological and it, therefore, dominates and remains an empty hole if unfulfilled even if everything else is perfect.

fat dunham

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