This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

This is what a feminist looks like

Many feminists will deny it, but the only women wearing these types of t-shirts are feminists. No attractive woman would ever wear something like this. This is an ugly woman who knows that trying to make herself look attractive would fail. It would only make it worse because people would realize that she tried and failed. So she gives up and pretends to be “one of the boys.” She jokes about farting so as to say, “see, I’m not trying to get you to find me attractive… that’s the only reason you don’t.” But the reality is that she simply gave up.

This is what feminists are. As evidenced by their constant anger at “beauty standards,” they would love to be seen as pretty, but they know that they aren’t. So they scream and yell about looks being unimportant, how they have personalities (which are almost always terribly unpleasant), that they have careers (usually government and non-profit jobs where they get to push their politics and not actually do something useful like stop crime, make shoes or heal a person) or whatever else. All of this is a deflection. They want to be pretty, but they know they can’t because they are too lazy to exercise or maintain a normal human diet, so they are are trying to make it look like they never wanted to be sexually appealing in the first place. Sure… that’s why they are so obsessed with beauty standards!

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