Hashtag #feministsareugly

Hashtag #feministsareugly on Twitter has been used by the feminists to promote the idea that they are not. For one, if looks are not important to the feminists, then why such need to post pictures for months upon months to prove otherwise. Two, feminists (and to some degree other women) tend to confuse pretty with lots of makeup. Being pretty means when you first open your eyes in the morning, when your hair is not done, you have no makeup, no fancy clothes, an upset look on your face because you wish to sleep instead of going to work, your looks are such that your man looks at you and thinks, “damn, can’t believe I got this.” Women put too much emphasis on the importance of makeup because of all the effort and money they sink into it. Admitting that it makes only a marginal difference would be admitting to the futility of their effort. But men know that makeup makes only a small difference to them.

Beautifying yourself is a way for women to compete with each other, which is why bags, for instance, are important even though they have nothing to do with looks. None of this matters to your man. Having a $22,000 bag may make your girlfriend jealous, but it will not make a man want to have sex with you. Having a 22 inch waist will. No amount of makeup, shoes or handbags will cover up your 40 inch waist or your double-chin.

Feminists post pictures of themselves in full makeup regalia thinking it makes them hot. In 9 cases out of 10, their comment “see, I’m a feminist and I’m cute” can only bring out laughter in a man. No sweetheart, you aren’t cute, you just have a lot of make up.

The only exception to this rule are 18-24 year old college girls who were brainwashed by their Professors into being feminist and have never been out in the real world to know the real truth. Two years after leaving their university, these girls will no longer be feminist if they are even mildly attractive.

Here’re a few feminists posting a Twitter picture of how hot she is to prove that feminists are not ugly.





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