Why Feminists Go Topless

Ugly Fat Feminists

Feminists like to go topless and even nude in public. Finding women attractive is “objectifying” them, say the feminists, so they need to run around naked as much as possible so that men stop being turned on by female nudity. But attractive women do not normally want to expose themselves in public because they do not want to devalue themselves. They want men to fight for their affection and their bodies. They know they can get men to do so because they are pretty. Average women need to fight harder for attention and accept less. Ugly women cannot have any standards. They must throw themselves on anything that may be willing to take them. They are also angry that nobody wants them. Running around topless or nude accomplishes both. On the one hand, it expresses their pent up anger. On the other, maybe if someone sees them naked, they will get turned on. They don’t care about devaluing their bodies because there’s nothing to devalue. Look at the picture above: what men would chase after these disasters if they ever dared to play hard to get?

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