Hashtag #feministsareugly

Hashtag #feministsareugly on Twitter has been used by the feminists to promote the idea that they are not. For one, if looks are not important to the feminists, then why such need to post pictures for months upon months to prove otherwise. Two, feminists (and to some degree other women) tend to confuse pretty with lots of makeup. Being pretty means when you first open your eyes in the morning, when your hair is not done, you have no makeup, no fancy clothes, an upset look on your face because you wish to sleep instead of going to work, your looks are such that your man looks at you and thinks, “damn, can’t believe I got this.” Women put too much emphasis on the importance of makeup because of all the effort and money they sink into it. Admitting that it makes only a marginal difference would be admitting to the futility of their effort. But men know that makeup makes only a small difference to them.

Beautifying yourself is a way for women to compete with each other, which is why bags, for instance, are important even though they have nothing to do with looks. None of this matters to your man. Having a $22,000 bag may make your girlfriend jealous, but it will not make a man want to have sex with you. Having a 22 inch waist will. No amount of makeup, shoes or handbags will cover up your 40 inch waist or your double-chin.

Feminists post pictures of themselves in full makeup regalia thinking it makes them hot. In 9 cases out of 10, their comment “see, I’m a feminist and I’m cute” can only bring out laughter in a man. No sweetheart, you aren’t cute, you just have a lot of make up.

The only exception to this rule are 18-24 year old college girls who were brainwashed by their Professors into being feminist and have never been out in the real world to know the real truth. Two years after leaving their university, these girls will no longer be feminist if they are even mildly attractive.

Here’re a few feminists posting a Twitter picture of how hot she is to prove that feminists are not ugly.





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Why Feminists Go Topless

Ugly Fat Feminists

Feminists like to go topless and even nude in public. Finding women attractive is “objectifying” them, say the feminists, so they need to run around naked as much as possible so that men stop being turned on by female nudity. But attractive women do not normally want to expose themselves in public because they do not want to devalue themselves. They want men to fight for their affection and their bodies. They know they can get men to do so because they are pretty. Average women need to fight harder for attention and accept less. Ugly women cannot have any standards. They must throw themselves on anything that may be willing to take them. They are also angry that nobody wants them. Running around topless or nude accomplishes both. On the one hand, it expresses their pent up anger. On the other, maybe if someone sees them naked, they will get turned on. They don’t care about devaluing their bodies because there’s nothing to devalue. Look at the picture above: what men would chase after these disasters if they ever dared to play hard to get?

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Gender Discrimination Facts You’ll Never See In The Media

Below are some discrimination facts you’ll never see in the mainstream media or on feminist blogs:


Hat tip to RealSexism.com for the information and the links.

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This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

This is what a feminist looks like

Many feminists will deny it, but the only women wearing these types of t-shirts are feminists. No attractive woman would ever wear something like this. This is an ugly woman who knows that trying to make herself look attractive would fail. It would only make it worse because people would realize that she tried and failed. So she gives up and pretends to be “one of the boys.” She jokes about farting so as to say, “see, I’m not trying to get you to find me attractive… that’s the only reason you don’t.” But the reality is that she simply gave up.

This is what feminists are. As evidenced by their constant anger at “beauty standards,” they would love to be seen as pretty, but they know that they aren’t. So they scream and yell about looks being unimportant, how they have personalities (which are almost always terribly unpleasant), that they have careers (usually government and non-profit jobs where they get to push their politics and not actually do something useful like stop crime, make shoes or heal a person) or whatever else. All of this is a deflection. They want to be pretty, but they know they can’t because they are too lazy to exercise or maintain a normal human diet, so they are are trying to make it look like they never wanted to be sexually appealing in the first place. Sure… that’s why they are so obsessed with beauty standards!

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Despite Denials, Feminists Desperately Want To Be Sexy

We’ve maintained here from the start that modern feminism is nothing more than ugly women desperately trying to get the society to force men to be attracted to them. They assault “beauty standards” and complain why looks should not matter. But do they really want looks not to matter? No, they want do not, they just want their own looks to be attractive.

Consider Lena Dunham, Hollywood’s premier feminist. She’s fat and ugly, so she runs with the standard feminist narrative. And yet, she just bought sexy underwear and posted a picture of herself in what she perceives as a sexy pose. Feminists complain that male sexuality is based in power, but in women, such power is seen as a negative. But is she posing as a “strong, confident woman”? No, she crosses her legs, sticks out her hips and has a “come here” look in her face.

A similar pose by an attractive woman would provoke feminist outrage … because it would be attractive. Lena Dunham still looks like a piece of lard, so her near-nudity is “inspiring” and “body positive.” Next to her is a woman who’s actually attractive wearing the same bra and panties. The picture on the left gives you an immediate erection. The picture on the right immediately kills it.

But while the world may immediately perceive it that way,  it’s clearly not what Dunham intends. She wants to be pretty. She wants to be sexy. She’ll post pictures of herself in lacy underwear for the whole world to see just to get this feedback. All the success in the world, all the money she’s made, all her fame, all her talent, all her political influence… and none of it means anything because the first (conscious or unconscious) goal of any living being is to reproduce for if this drive didn’t exist and dominate over all else, that specie would disappear, and that means the opposite gender must find you sexy. Money, fame, talent and politics is all cultural. Sexiness is biological and it, therefore, dominates and remains an empty hole if unfulfilled even if everything else is perfect.

fat dunham

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What’s Wrong With The Positive Body Image

What’s wrong with having a “positive body image”? The same thing that’s wrong with any lie: it’s false. It brainwashes slightly overweight young girls to keep on gaining weight thinking someone will find them attractive and they will be able to get a good husband after they put on another 100 pounds. They won’t. Either they will be alone or they will get a loser husband that no other woman wants, a guy that they themselves will be repulsed by.

Encouraging girls to make themselves attractive by controlling their weight isn’t abusive. Confusing them into thinking that they can be obese and still get a man they desire is the true form of abuse. What else can be more abusive than sentencing someone to a lifelong choice of being alone or having someone repulsive shove his tongue and penis inside your mouth and vagina? Men are visual. Men will not care how powerful, confident or interesting you are. Nobody wants to fuck Nancy Pelosi despite all her power, confidence and probably interesting stories. And yet, CEO after CEO, millionaire after millionaire goes after beautiful, thin young women. Men who have choices will choose beauty before anything else. Other qualities are important, but a man with choices will not even approach an unattractive woman to find out what her other qualities are.

Undesirable men who don’t have options may cling to the idea that personality beats looks, but that is only because they don’t have the option to go for looks. Granted, desirable men can have their cake and eat it too: beautiful women who are also smart, interesting, loyal. But given a choice between sharing your bed with a beautiful dummy or Nancy Pelosi, no man would choose Ms. Pelosi.

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Katy Mixon: Beauty Queen or Propaganda Tool of Ugly Feminists?

Feminists like to argue that the media is pushing beauty standards upon us out of nothing. That is true, of course, but not in the way they mean it. There is real beauty out there. It is a beauty based on real things like the unconscious (or conscious) desire to find a mate who is healthy, able to reproduce and be our partner for a long time. Even when we merely want a one night stand, the beauty by which we judge our sex partner is based on the visual signs of health and reproductive fitness. We may accept a less attractive person as an acceptable one night stand, but we’ll still recognize that she is not pretty. The reason an uglier person may be more acceptable for a one night stand than marriage is the lack of investment in that person: we won’t have children with them, so we don’t have to worry about their terrible health and genetics.

Enter the media, much of which is feminist or at least afraid to stand up to the feminists. They tell us that in pre-Industrial times, as well as in starving nations today, being a little heavier was considered more attractive. This is accurate, but the issue is not presented properly: the reason starving societies prefer somewhat heavier partners is that starvation is more likely there than heart attacks, stroke and other fat-derived diseases. In wealthy societies, on the other hand, starvation is not an issue, but obesity is. Thus, our evolutionary drives cause us to select people with slower metabolism.

But in no society was obesity ever considered attractive. Except in Hollywood. Here, we have Katy Mixon presented as a spectacular beauty that a regular guy would be crazy to ask out on a date because someone that pretty can only break his heart. Mixon is a supporting actress on the show Mike and Molly which stars a fat man and his beyond morbidly obese wife as a regular couple (with Mike desperate to have sex with his wife despite her grotesque physique), and Katy Mixon as the local beauty. Really? This is Katy Mixon:

Katy Mixon

She’s flat out ugly. As a man, I cannot imagine touching her. She’s fat. She looks older than her 34 years of age. Her face may have been ok when she was skinny, but the lumps of fat all over make it awful as well. Feminists think that by putting lipstick on a pig, they will make the pig into a swan. They won’t. Putting a ton of makeup and flashy clothes on an ugly woman does not reduce her ugliness, nor does it make her in any way pretty. It just further flashes her terrible looks. Had she avoided flashy clothes and makeup, she’d draw less attention to how unattractive she is.

So why is she on TV? So that we could be told that fat is beautiful, and even the obese Molly is a normal woman who is desired by her husband. Feminists and Hollywood lie, but the truth remains: in real life, men find fat to be repulsive. No amount of propaganda will change that because our sexual desires are not driven by what we are told, but by our evolutionary urges to combine our genes and our lives with the healthy, not the morbid waiting spinning the wheel of what disease they are about to get.

So why do feminists think that the media is pushing beauty upon us? Because despite their propaganda, they know what beauty looks like. Every time an attractive woman is on TV, they moan, “look, they are making men think she’s beautiful!” They believe that men will view beautiful women as beautiful and don’t believe that Katy Mixon is going to convince any man of the same because they ultimately know the truth. They just want to explain it away by lying that beauty is just a media creation to make themselves feel better. Ultimately, however, they recognize the difference between a woman whom men will like and a woman whom men won’t.

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